Making a Big League Difference

Their Dream

Many gifted young athletes in Central and South America dream of making a better future for themselves and their families through sports.

Our Vision

We inspire to provide all resources to help these children become leaders in their community. We help them by providing basic necessities such as clothes, equipment, shelter, proper nutrition, and school supplies.

Our efforts give them the tools they need to succeed on and off the field.
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How We Help

SJB Sports Foundation uses your generous donations to provide resources to impoverished youth athletes.

These resources help us create the next generation of responsible leaders in their communities and beyond.




We provide anywhere from basic school supplies to scholarship opportunities. We provide a brighter future through education.


We teach the youth that being successful is a package deal. A committment is a promise that takes strength or character to uphold.

Hard Work

Our athletes know that their dreams are attainable if they put in the work. We emphasize that hard work has rewards on and off the field.

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Where Your Donation Goes – Let’s Run the Numbers


Amount Spent on the Athletes


Amount Spent on Administration